Bring the Soil Tunnel Trailer
to your community or
school by contacting
your local conservation
district, or:

Pawnee County
Conservation District
324 Main Street
Larned, Kansas 67550

Contact us at:
620-285-2821 ext. 3
or Email Us

Franklin County
Conservation District
Soil Tunnel Trailer
343 West 23rd Street,
Ottawa KS 66067

Franklin County
Conservation District

For a listing of Kansas
Conservation Districts
Click Here

Every day you walk on soil, but you cannot really see what is in the soil beneath your feet and understand the value of it. Today's youth increasingly exhibit a disconnect with the products they use daily. When asked where their food comes from, children often reply, "The grocery store." Kansans need to understand and appreciate that it is necessary to protect soil because the food, fiber, and fuel we use daily come from the soil, not the store. With this is mind, the Miami County Conservation District in Paola, Kansas came up with the idea of the Soil Tunnel Trailer as a tool to teach about the wonderful natural resource's soil and with its success there soon reached a need for a second trailer, so the Pawnee County Conservation District in Larned, Kansas constructed a second Soil Tunnel Trailer for easier access in Western Kansas. With the availability of both Soil Tunnel Trailers, Kansans will learn more about the soil and connect it to their everyday lives.

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