The Rainfall Simulator is designed to simulate the effects of rainfall on the soil to show the effects that rain has on the soil surface. The operator will be able to control the duration and intensity of the rain and collect the runoff to be able to explain erosion, infiltration, siltation and soil quality.

The EnviroScape Groundwater Liner Kit is designed to work with any of the EnviroScape models to provide a visual demonstration in the connection between what we do on land and groundwater - how we use groundwater, how we pollute groundwater and how we can prevent and clean up groundwater contamination. It covers the basics - helping to make the connection on how we impact groundwater. It is not intended for a highly technical and detailed demonstration of groundwater. This is not a stand alone kit and cannot be used by itself, but will enhance and expand on any of the EnviroScape units.

The Soil Tunnel TraileróWestern KS also has available items that can be used for educational stations to go along with the trailer use or used at a separate time.

The items will be sent with the trailer, sent by other means or can be picked up at the Rush County Conservation District office at 1515 Oak Street in LaCrosse.

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The Groundwater Flow Model is an educational device constructed of sturdy layered sand lenses to represent a sliced section of earth. Movement of water and contaminants are easily demonstrated to groups of all ages. Through the use of water tinted with food coloring or grape Kool-Aid, it is possible to observe a wide range of groundwater movements and contamination events.

This Group Activity is a great supplement to the popular EnviroScape Watershed/NPS, Wetlands and Coastal models. And just like the models, this Kit has been correlated to national science standards and is a great hands-on way to have fun while exploring the environment and learning about water pollution. Enjoy a fun and educational group activity for 12 to 48 - where students create and paint their own plaster 3-D Model of a Watershed, including buildings and bridges. It takes planning ahead of time since molds have to dry.

EnviroScape's Environmental Restoration and Riparian Kit addresses the benefits and values of restoring the environment and adding riparian buffers - including planting trees and other vegetation adjacent to the banks of streams, rivers and lakes. You can even reforest the clear-cut forest. The guide explores the positive effects of environmental restoration, replanting vegetation and good riparian buffers as well as activities that contribute to a degraded environment and poor riparian buffer zones. This is not a stand alone kit and cannot be used by itself, but will enhance and expand on any of the EnviroScape(r) units.

Watershed/Nonpoint Source is the first in the EnviroScape series. We all live in a watershed with water pollution comes from many sources. Nonpoint sources contribute a great deal to the pollution in our water bodies. The combined affect of pollution from many small sources can have a real impact on the quality of our shared water resources. EnviroScape Watershed/Nonpoint Source also teaches an overall watershed concept.

Please contact the Rush County Conservation District to check out these educational tools!