For one thing, it is not just
made of dirt. Dirt is made of materials that plants avoid
growing in. Soil, on the other
hand, is made up of a mixture of decayed organic material, living organisms, and minerals.

Soil provided us with many things we depend on; there are probably more than you think. The food, fiber, and fuels that we depend on daily are all connected back to soil. Much of the food we eat either grows in soil, or comes from animals that eat plants, which grow in the soil. Many plants are used as herbs and must be grown in soil. Many of these plants and herbs can be used to make medicines; so soil helps keep us healthy! Soil is a also the home of billions of organisms and microorganisms, including fungi and bacteria. Fungi and microorganisms, including fungi and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria from the soil can also be used in medicines; for example, penicillin is one medicine produced by fungi.

• Educational and Hands-on
• Virtual Experience
• Three Dimensional
• Museum Quality
• Mobile
• Walk through Display
• Handicap Accessible
• In English and Spanish
• A Non-Profit Project

A self-contained 14' by 8.5' trailer features soils and allows for interaction with our underground natural resources. The professional design inside, outside, and on top of the trailer will bring the world of soil to life.

One side of the trailer will educate viewers about the natural history of soil with 3-D prairie dog, worm, roots, and organisms. Examples of human impacts on soil such as toxic waste and septic system contamination are featured on the opposite wall.

The Soil Tunnel Trailer will be used across Kansas to educate youth and adults about the relationship between their daily activities and the resulting effects on soil and other natural resources. The Soil Tunnel Trailer will serve as a learning tool and backdrop for a variety of lessons at schools, field days, county fairs and beyond.

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